I am a trainer for over 30 years now.

I train:

  • Mind Mapping on paper
    • basic
    • andvanced
    • expert
  • Digital Mind Mapping
    • Specialist in iMindMap
    • also other digital programs possible
  • Speedreading
  • Sales

I train InCompany all over the World, I am hired by colleagues and I train Online.

My online training:

I began as a trainer in computerskills. Think about MS-Dos & WordPerfect, later on Windows, Office, Internet and so on.

From 2006 it became more and more training about the brain. I specialised in Mind Mapping, but still enjoying giving training in SpeedReading and CustomerAwareness (sales….).

Everything I teach my students I do it myself too. I use my own Mind Maps in my training, on my websites. I made them myself so other can see that they are good, and of course, I can speak from practical situations. The same about sales, SpeedReading and so on.
So, My trainings are very practical and ready to use for my students.

Trainer Ruud Rensink

Trainer Ruud Rensink







The training were I am being asked for are:

  • Mind Mappen on paper
  • Digital Mind Mapping
  • SpeedReading
  •  (sales)
  • Createve Mind Map Communication (brains, Mind Mapping, communication-NLP)
  • Combinationtraining
  • Selling for Cardealers (from the point of view of customers)
  • Selling for Brokers (from the point of view of customers)

Ask me for information about sales in Your country: